Glam Rock Group: Hanoi Rocks, ‘Razzle’ & ‘The French Connection’

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JD Morgan offers a poignant, yet humorous insight into the real person behind the wild man image of Razzle, the legendary drummer in the Glam Rock band, Hanoi Rocks. This is because JD’s elder brother was best pals with ‘Nicholas Charles Dingley’ during their school years together. And, as it is now 36 years or so since Razzle’s tragic demise, JD can offer a sincere reassurance that this one-off character, outrageous showman and rebellious maverick is still remembered – even in the remotest regions of rural France with, quite predictably, hilarious consequences – just as Razzle would have wished! (2,600 words)


I can remember exactly where I was, what I was wearing and which stair I was about to step on when my brother, Mark, shouted down from our top floor flat that Nick Dingley had been killed in a fatal car crash in Los Angeles on December 9, 1984. For a split second after he’d relayed that news to me, I remember having to think about who Nick was – not because we did not talk about him, as we were all so pleased and proud to learn about his success – but, by then, everyone knew him as Razzle, the crazy, kamikaze-styled, ‘anything goes’, Glam Metal drummer who was living the lifestyle about which those of us who remembered him from school could only dream.

His existence in the fast lane of the best Hair Metal Bands felt like a fantasy life to which none of us on the Isle of Wight at that time were privy or could relate. Los Angeles? Neon Lights? Fast cars? Androgynous image? Lipstick and make-up? Chest-length hair? Partying for days on end? ‘Do or Die’ drinking bouts? World tours? Cult following? Nick Dingley…? Really? When I saw photos of Nick as Razzle, I had to look very long and hard just to convince myself that it really was the self-assured, happy-go-lucky, jolly joker of a lad we had all grown up with! (Full story available for 99p using PayPal)

3 reviews for Glam Rock Group: Hanoi Rocks, ‘Razzle’ & ‘The French Connection’

  1. Daniel M.

    A well told story of a youngster from a small island with a big dream who hit the big time.
    Reading his before and after lifestyle with glimpses into the riotous world of glam rock.
    A fitting tribute to a friend.

  2. Regina

    Great piece of writing, JD. Didn’t know the guy but felt through your writing, as brief as I read without purchasing as I don’t have the cash at present, I felt like I would know and like him.

    • admin (verified owner)

      Thank you! Very kind of you to say those things.

      Please follow me on Twitter (DM Open). @jdmorganstories

      I really appreciate your multiple comments.

      Very kindly,


  3. Hattie Demaria

    Good job on the new site!

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