Life As A Community Firefighter: My Mate, Dave! Our Station’s Romantic Failure! (Charity Donation)

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JD Morgan relays the sad and sorry tale of his best mate, Dave – who was the fire station’s modern-day, Cyrano De Bergerac! Told with a sharp, tongue-in-cheek sense of humour and, perhaps, tinged, too, with a hint of regret, sorrow and sadness, JD reveals snippets from the life of his old brigade ‘buddy’, Dave, a friendly, smiling fireman who loved his job and always came across as a quintessential ladies’ man, except for one thing: he could never find a lady!  (2,250 words)

ALL PROCEEDS FROM THE SALE OF THIS STORY (including costs) WILL BE DONATED TO THE UK’s FIRE FIGHTERS’ CHARITY – Registered in England and Wales (No. 1093387). Many thanks. 


Written & Published to raise funds for the UK’s FIRE FIGHTERS’ CHARITY.  

‘Mean, moody and magnificent’ – my mate, Dave, was none of these things when dressed in a firefighter’s uniform, as, in fact, he always felt extremely self-conscious that he looked rather ridiculous in it! But, at five foot seven and built like a rock-solid Roman Foot Soldier guarding Hadrian’s Wall – rather than a sylph-like Adonis on a pride-of-place plinth outside a Greek temple – what else would you expect? Frankly, and being totally honest, try as he might, my mate, Dave, was the type of ‘friendly, smiling fireman’ who couldn’t pull a ligament – let alone a decent looking bird! Here was a man who would spend hundreds of pounds on the most expensive aftershaves from Covent Garden, but still walk around as if he had been dipped in female repellent!

It was rumoured (and only rumoured!) on station that he claimed he’d dated a Miss UK candidate as a younger man, but that it had all ended in tears when she did the dirty on him. Of course, none of us believed him – except the latter part which, most agreed, would not have been surprising because Dave was just too nice and always saw the best in everyone! Polite, pleasant, well-mannered and a self-effacing sort of chap, Dave was sporting, too, and, at face value, seemed to possess all the traits to which one might think the opposite sex would be attracted. Not a bit of it, in Dave’s case, however, as both Red and Blue Watch agreed that if he’d bought shares in a Funeral Directors then people would suddenly stop dying!


2 reviews for Life As A Community Firefighter: My Mate, Dave! Our Station’s Romantic Failure! (Charity Donation)

  1. JB

    A lively tale, written in J D Morgan’s inimitable style. Women will be queuing up for Dave’s number, in the hope they can change his luck!

  2. KL

    This is an amazing story of a charming man and his searching for love, his need for affection and reciprocity in relationship. The reader accompanies Dave on his emotional journey. We do not know if he found the one dream girl on his way. Very thought out and well written essay. Fine author.

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