The Day JD Met A ‘Modern Day Caravaggio’ – ‘The Warrior Poet’!

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JD revisits his teaching past as a Prison Educator to reveal the time he came face to face with a hugely gifted, charismatic, violent gangster who, remarkably, turned out to be a warrior-poet and modern-day Caravaggio! In fact, JD’s student was as gifted, artistically, as he was tough, physically!

This true story offers a unique insight into life behind bars, where the kindness, compassion and consideration of a small band of dedicated teachers transformed the archetypal, negative stereotype of a monotonous, mundane and routined prison existence into something beautifully colourful and truly remarkable!

Read about this extraordinary student’s success story and his amazing academic achievements, as he broke the mould, blazed a trail and took it upon himself to lead by example –  never once looking back! (2,650 words)


“D’you know, JD?”, “There isn’t much in this world that a hard right hook to the jaw won’t solve!” That was The Big Man’s philosophy on life and was usually the cue for the other students to take note that he had temporarily decided to ignore the poem he was typing on his keyboard, swivel around 180 degrees on his revolving chair and stare out and scan the classroom, searching for the culprit who had either verbally abused me or had taken what he considered to be ‘acceptable banter’ a little too far. And, at that point, every student’s head would bow down, as, miraculously, they would suddenly find their work very interesting again! And that is because The Big Man was frightening. No, worse than that – if you didn’t know that he possessed the heart and soul of a Warrior Poet, The Big Man was nothing short of terrifying!

Over six feet four, Afro-Caribbean, dreadlocks, Martial Arts’ champion, bodybuilder, bouncer, doorman, street fighter, gym orderly on the ‘inside’, perpetrator of extreme violence ‘on the out’ and a life sentence for a cold-blooded murder that he never denied and openly spoke about committing – forget the movies, this prisoner was the Real McCoy when it came to inner city, gangland crime. And yet, the more I came to know him as a student, the more I realised that he was a Da Vinci-style polymath who appeared to be able to turn his hand to just about anything within the realms of the Arts & Humanities which, in turn – unlike most of us – he could also back up with his fists! (Full story available for 99p using PayPal)

2 reviews for The Day JD Met A ‘Modern Day Caravaggio’ – ‘The Warrior Poet’!

  1. Herman

    May I simply just say what a relief to discover someone that truly understands what they are discussing on the

  2. gralion torile

    Thank you for all of your time & work. “The very ink with which history is written is merely fluid prejudice.” by Mark Twain.

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